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Month: October, 2013


felixine:politics-war:Afghan refugee boy Samiullah Afsar, 5, carries a puppy he found in a pile of a garbage, on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan.Photo: Muhammed Muheisen I can’t

Photo: Muhammed Muheisen

This photo mostly emits some strong emotion. Mostly because I am aware of the unfortunate situations in Pakistan and there’s this small boy who finds a puppy. This to me represents all the innocence that is seen by children’s eye’s. They find the most beautiful and happy things in a pile of trash or the worst of times and it’s so inspiring.

Scientists take samples to study radioactive discharges in the Susquehanna River in Maryland, March 1985.Photograph by William T. Douthitt, National Geographic

This picture is so perfect, it has the various hues of blues and the boat and people are just the focus of it all. The sky, fog, and ocean all blend together so well but the reflection is so clear. The blur allows the sharp details to really  stand out.

I read the background story on this and mostly made me realize that it is possible to capture change in a photograph. Two people who were friends in the past now share such differing views. Time makes people different and their experiences. This was a demonstration and just seeing the pain in this mans eyes can show his shock and willingness to spread his ideas. I love that is’s an old photo, the black and white adds to it.

photographed by Anatoly Rakhimbaev

This was just so sad to see, drug addiction is depicted so well in this photo. The withdrawal is so apparent in their body and eyes its sort of sickening. The father appears very nonchalant as he’s about to shoot up his son. This photo seriously shows the life they live. We observe the plain background and we can make so many assumptions about these people.

I believe this photo hurts most of all. Here is a child, who will be scarred for life from actions taken in Iraq. She had to witness death and blood shed at such a young age and this photo just makes me want to hold her and tell her that it’s going to be okay. This represent so many emotions from hers to my own.


Does The President Influence Gas Prices?

I’m pretty positive the president has little to no influence on the nations gasoline prices, the gasoline industry is exactly that an industry. They make the money by supply and demand and its also becoming a scarce fossil fuel and these factors can lead to inflation of gasoline. We are now the largest importer of gasoline/oil when it used to be the opposite. So there’s a cost to bringing it in and then making it available for the public. The president can however make regulations that apply to the oil industry. Overall the fluctuation of gas prices depends on numerous factor that the American public isn’t aware of. According to most economists the higher the demand and the better the economy does the price naturally goes up, especially during winter because those is even more demand to heat homes and travel. The holidays also assist the economy with all the spending that happens.

The Seven Canons of Journalism

In 1923 the seven canons of journalism were founded by the American Society of Newspaper Editors as a way to respond to the overwhelming amount of sensationalism occurring at the time. This sensationalism was occurring mostly in tabloids which in turn were making a bad name for the print industry by putting their focus on novelty and strange stories. They sold “news” but no facts were being told which became problem because people were more interested in entertainment as opposed to actual events occurring in the nation. So naturally something had to be done. These seven canons include Responsibility, freedom of the press, independence, sincerity, truthfulness, and accuracy, impartiality, fair play, and lastly decency. These canons form something like an ethical code for journalists and they wish that journalists abide by them. These canons are still very much in effect to this day.

The first canon mentioned is responsibility which essentially states that journalist should always consider the public’s general welfare. Your job is to deliver news not cause people to go into a panic or put them in any sort of harm’s way with your story. The second canon is freedom of press, one of the most important rights to not just journalists but everyone. The first amendment allows our rights to be guarded as vital and unquestionable. Overall this offers the people protection. The third canon is independence. This canon allows that journalists are free to publish and report stories that are independent from sources, politics and advertisers. The independence they receive is essential because the information delivered isn’t bought. Next are sincerity, truthfulness, and accuracy. Together these qualities form the foundation of all journalism. These are qualities that the general public respects and expect from those reporting information that affects people’s lives.

Impartiality is the canon that states news reports should be free from any opinion or bias of any kind. Whether it’s the reporters or someone they are interviewing, you are there to deliver the facts only. Next up is fair play, which focuses on how opposing views should be solicited on public issues and accusations. Papers should be published prompt and complete and if there are mistakes they are to be corrected. Lastly we have decency which states that papers should avoid “deliberate” pandering to “vicious instincts” such as details of crime and vice. People enjoy details but keep it classy, most of the time certain details are personal and shouldn’t be mentioned. Crime and vices shouldn’t be glorified.

Stranger Danger

Cheyenne decided that it would be fun one evening to go to a gay club in Little Rock called Trinity. She went with a group of friends not expecting much, when she got there she had certain expectations. While she was dancing she said that some guy had come up behind her and joined in the dancing, it took her by surprise but she went along with it. She described him as average height, had a beard “and has that shaggy Justin Bieber hair thing going on but unlike him had a deep voice” She found him interesting and they danced for about an hour after that, no formal introduction was made until later when they were at the bar. That’s when the truth was revealed, they spoke about what a good time they were having and then she realized she didn’t know his name. The guy appeared to resist introducing himself at first but then told her that his name was Katelyn but that he goes by Lyn. That’s when she realized that this “he” was actually a transgender “she.” Overall she said that Katelyn was actually a very cool and interesting person and they ended up sticking as dance partners for the remainder of the night. Her friends later on asked if she got his number and she replied that she just told them no which was the truth, but neglected to mention that the guy was a girl. She said she hasn’t told anyone but if anything she “learned a lot, realized that not everything is as it seems and that the guy you talked to is perhaps not a guy at all.”

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