Stranger Danger

by kmaradiaga1

Cheyenne decided that it would be fun one evening to go to a gay club in Little Rock called Trinity. She went with a group of friends not expecting much, when she got there she had certain expectations. While she was dancing she said that some guy had come up behind her and joined in the dancing, it took her by surprise but she went along with it. She described him as average height, had a beard “and has that shaggy Justin Bieber hair thing going on but unlike him had a deep voice” She found him interesting and they danced for about an hour after that, no formal introduction was made until later when they were at the bar. That’s when the truth was revealed, they spoke about what a good time they were having and then she realized she didn’t know his name. The guy appeared to resist introducing himself at first but then told her that his name was Katelyn but that he goes by Lyn. That’s when she realized that this “he” was actually a transgender “she.” Overall she said that Katelyn was actually a very cool and interesting person and they ended up sticking as dance partners for the remainder of the night. Her friends later on asked if she got his number and she replied that she just told them no which was the truth, but neglected to mention that the guy was a girl. She said she hasn’t told anyone but if anything she “learned a lot, realized that not everything is as it seems and that the guy you talked to is perhaps not a guy at all.”

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