24 Hours With No Technology

by kmaradiaga1

Starting off with this I wasn’t too worried considering I’m not a generally big advocate of technology but I did know it would be a challenge to give up my cellphone. This past Sunday I woke up relatively late, somewhere around 11:47. That surprised me considering I usually use my phone as a alarm and I had shut it off the night before; also when I shut everything off I play on my phone till 3 in the morning which could explain why I woke up so late. As the day progressed, I realized that it wasn’t my phone I wanted to use but I kept checking my pockets or reaching for it when it wasn’t around me. I would constantly hear my ringtone or a vibration when my phone wasn’t near me. I also noticed that when I had to interact with new people I often look to my phone to keep me occupied and that causes me to talk even less than I all ready do, it has kinda become like a nervous twitch to me and I really didn’t like that. Even at lunch my mother asked me why I hadn’t been locked in my room all day. I even got to play more with my dog, which I am an animal lover so the idea that I’m wasting their life and mine laying on a bed ignoring each other really bummed me out.

So to occupy myself I read a book, I enjoy doing that and finally “had a chance” to actually get back into reading and it felt amazing. The biggest thing of all was not using my laptop. I had a hard time doing things around the house without Netflix playing in the background or online shopping. Which now I think if I had limited my time with my laptop I would save some money in the long run. I had to work that day from 5- 11 so I honestly feel like I didn’t get the full experience so maybe that’s why it wasn’t as terrible as it could have been. I definitely wouldn’t mind trying again. I actually left my phone home today while I was in class. I like that even though it was only a couple hours I had picked up on so much stuff I was missing out on. It came to my attention that I don’t spend any time with my parents and make excuses to avoid people and I know I will regret that in the future. So for now I decided to take little steps into limiting my usage. Facebook and instagram won’t help me progress in the real world and while I’m on YouTube watching people live their lives I’m letting my own pass me by and I rather not sit in my room when I can be productive. I can read, study, clean, and enjoy others company. I think overall this assignment sort of depressed me in a good way. I know not everyone enjoyed it and some almost had anxiety attacks but it was refreshing not being so openly available to anyone. I mean technology has it’s boundaries and it really sucks that we allow it to take so much control of our lives.