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Month: August, 2014

ALS Water Bucket Challenge

The ALS water bucket challenge has been everywhere on all forms of social media. The challenge was created to bring awareness to the ALS disease better known as Lou Gehrig’s. It consists of donation $100 or dumping a bucket of ice water over you to simulate the feel of the disease and only donate $10. Now because of this challenge many across the united States and other countries have donated a significant amount of money to the cause. However, there are differing views on whether the challenge is a good idea or whether it is plain stupid. Forbes published an article countering those who viewed the challenge as something stupid by stating reasons such like it encourages people to donate to charities, it raises money for ALS, and that it is raising enough money to matter. Others who oppose the challenge believe it is childish and dumping water on your head does nothing for the cause, and point out many of those who do the challenge do not donate the $10 that goes along with it.

Personally I think it is great that ALS is getting exposure and have received many donations but I do think it was approached in a silly matter. I understand that because it’s a trend many will want to do it and have donated because of it but that’s just it. It is a TREND. It saddens me that people cannot just willingly donate some part of their money to a charity like this any more time except only when it gets them as an individual exposure. Also, I’m big on environment and dumping a nonrenewable resource like water over your head just really upsets me because there are people dying from lack of access to water and here we are wasting it. Why not donate to those charities? IT;s a strange thing what has occurred here because now many charities will try and copy this method of a trend in order to increase their donations but I don’t think that’s how it should work. I wish more people just donated out of the goodness of their hearts than to just do a stupid challenge.



Leggings and Yoga Pants Controversy

School dress code has appeared more frequently on news and has become a topic of discussion in recent years. Especially regarding what females are allowed to wear to class. Rules regarding a females dress include that dresses, shorts, and skirts may be no longer than a dollar length from the knee or fingertip length. One may not expose bra straps, wear camisoles or tank tops without some form of cover up and the newest addition revolves around the banning of wearing yoga pants and leggings to class. Some schools allow leggings to be worn on the condition that the female wears a shirt that covers the rear. Most would say that these rules are applied because schools want girls to dress appropriately but lately the reasons schools have been throwing around revolve around how girls clothing may distract the male students. Did you read that correctly? Yes you did. If I were a parent I would be very upset that there are restrictions on my what my child would be able to wear, I am all for being appropriate but when you base these decisions off male students it becomes ridiculous. I myself had been sent home for my attire because my shorts were an inch shorter than my finger tips. ONE INCH. Why is it that I have to bear uncomfortable heat here, only to keep a male from getting distracted?! If the boys cannot handle yoga pants that a majority of girls wear for comfort, don’t you think that is their problem? I do not believe it is right we punish our girls for showing leg, or wear leggings because there is nothing wrong with it. I have yet to see a male get riled up over seeing a shoulder  on someone who has a tank top on. Males should be credited to having more self control over what thoughts occur in their mind, but limiting a girls choices because of them? Not acceptable in my book. “Regardless of where you fall in the great leggings versus pants debate, girls should never be held accountable for what goes through the minds of boys,” was written by Julianne Ross who explored a middle school who’s students are fighting the policy and covered it in a blog story.

Amelia McDonell-Parry elaborated on the idea that “women dress to satisfy men.” She addressed in an article a male opinion, that yoga pants cannot seriously be worn for comfort outside of a gym or work out environment. To say the least, I think she summed it up pretty well.

“So, because some men have managed to sexualize stretchy yoga pants, that means stretchy yoga pants are now inappropriate/slutty/cause for “alarm.” Because the standards for what it’s okay for women to wear should be dictated by men’s libidos. Nearly every woman I have talked to about this — in the office, on Facebook, on Twitter — has echoed the sentiments of the women commenting on the GMP piece: we wear yoga pants because they are comfortable. Period. The suggestion that we A) wear them because we want sexual attention from men and B) that therefore they shouldn’t be worn in scenarios in which that attention would be “inappropriate” takes all the responsibility for controlling male lust off men and places it on women. And that is some bullshit.” -Amelia McDonnell