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Month: September, 2014

Violation of Privacy

This past week many celebrities were violated. Their nude photos were leaked onto the web and the amount of blame people are placing on them has saddened me, Many people claim that they should not have taken the photos in the first place. Now I understand why one might think this but it isn’t like they placed them on social media. They took these photos in intimate moments to share with their significant others and the fact that someone has exposed them is terrible.   Those people who have also shared these photos with other people are supporting this action. It is insane that in this day and age privacy is virtually nonexistent. It makes me very worried about what people think is excusable. There was talk that the celebrities photos were taken from their iCloud accounts but since then FBI have deemed that no iCloud or Apple accounts have been accessed so this was purely strategic and they were hacked in some other manner. This series of events have been deemed as “the fappening.”

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Netflix Purchases Movie

Netflix has made a deal with the Weinstein Company and has been approved for releasing the Couching Tiger sequel while the movie is in theaters! Now this is the first thing of its kind, we have a company who has such an audience movies are now being able to play simultaneously. What does this mean for the future though? Netflix and subscription companies like it have been domineering over actual television. Cable networks have been increasing the price for packages and TV stations are charging more for ads. They are not making the money or getting the viewership they aren’t used too. Meanwhile Netflix is consistently growing in content and viewers. So with this trend in hand does that mean the movie theaters will be tested in the future? Well for now Cinema companies are saying they will possibly boycott the film if they decide to go through with the streaming while the film is in theaters.

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Banned Books Week!

IT’S BANNED BOOKS WEEK!!! I am so beyond excited that there is a week to celebrate banned books. These books were challenged by parents and school districts mainly for content but weirdly enough =they are also some of the most influential and popular books. During my school career my teachers were not shy about introducing these books to their students which I am eternally grateful for. I’ve learned at any book can contribute to your life in some way and so many students are missing out because of content others deem wrong for the. I’’m sure I have seen worse in movies. Hopefully soon banned books will cease to exist, if you’re interested in looking at all the books that have been challenged you can check them out here! For now go enjoy those books! (Outside of class)

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YouTuber: Sam Pepper

Sam Pepper is a YouTuber who has recently come under fire for a “prank” he uploaded. In the video pepper is seen using a fake arm in the sleeve and then proceeds to touch females rears and then make it seem like someone else did it. It sounds harmless right? WRONG, I along with many people of the YouTube community felt that pepper had overstepped his boundaries. This is considered assault, no woman in his video consented to having her body touched. His video was flagged and has since been removed from YouTube. Since then Pepper has proceeded to film a part two and part three. In the second video women were seen doing the touching and I the third Pepper is sitting in front of the camera and explains that the whole prank was a social experiment. Since then the “prank” has been uploaded by another user. I call bull. Pepper was known to have previous videos that have similar aspects and he was just attempting to find an excuse for his actions. It clearly didn’t work because he has lost job contracts over it. I think pepper deserves it and many people say that if a woman had done it no one would be complaining. WE have to learn to get away from classifying it okay for one gender to do something and the other not. Sexual assault is sexual assault regardless of who you are, if you hate the blame game then just enforce your beliefs. Laci Green is also a YouTuber who frequently discusses serious issues with society in regards to sex and has shared how she feels over the situation in this video. Many YouTubers find themselves not defending Pepper because they also see what he did as wrong.

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Tablets as New Cashiers

I took a trip to a local restaurant called Fat Daddy’s only to see that the payment after the meal was done on a tablet. I have seen this bee used at multiple stores and restaurant but some of those didn’t even have an employee operating it. Now I don’t care much for technology because I feel it makes society lazy. This just further elaborates on how I feel about it. Eventually we wont even need people to perform actual tasks for jobs or for themselves. If we pay someone minimum wage to push a button, yeah that bothers me because in my mind it means they can’t even work the extra minute to work on the cash register. The places where it’s all done by yourself, may claim they are being innovative but frankly I think they are being cheap. I’m sure with the labor they don’t pay they can easily make up the cost of the tablets for the store. It’s a cop out in my mind and I generally do not approve. One example of a chain restaurant that has implemented this new technology is the very popular Chili’s restaurant. In this article, they claim they will still need people and this wont replace them but this does “attempt to minimize the interaction Chili’s customers have with humans.” While it may project sales, I think it’s going downhill in every other aspect.

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Chipotle Obsession

I felt the need to share about my obsession with Chipotle. This is a restaurant franchise that is growing and I like to refer to it as Mexican Subway. When you arrive you ask for either a burrito, bowl, whatever your meal may be and then it becomes an assembly line of them asking you what you would like. My first time there I furred there couldn’t be anything special about it but boy was I wrong, Their burrito is hands down my favorite. All of their products are organic, local and their meat comes from naturally raised animals. The restaurant is designed with a green mentality and takes into concern the environment. The food and their beliefs are awesome, how can someone not love it? If you’re interested in learning more, there is a documentary on Netflix! It focuses on the business beliefs and how it came to be.


NARS Audacious Lipstick: Charlotte

Recently NARS released a new collection called the Audacious collection. These are a brand new line of lipsticks that differ from their other line. The formula was new and has a wider range of colors. The best part is that the collection is permanent! So I managed to get the lipstick in the color Charlotte. It is described as oxblood red. The color is beautiful and its so pigmented that one swipe does the job. It is retailed for $32 that is priced higher than the usual $26 for the original line but it is well worth it. The line is available at Sephora and NARS online, certain shades are available in in certain stores.

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Books: Penguin Essentials

I came across the new set of books that were being published by Penguin and they are the Penguin Essentials Collection. The collection revolves around some of the most important books that were published in the 20th century. The essentials collection revamped all the covers and now they are all beautifully illustrated. The downside is that they are only available in the United Kingdom but luckily I was able to find them available for purchase on Book Depository and you can bet I’m going to buy practically all of them! The collection consists of well known classics as well as other timeless books that have a large following. If you are a book collector I highly recommend these!

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This bookcase needs ALL of those Penguin Essential books

History Throughout the Years

It has occurred to me that history books seemed to have this distorted perception over American history. In my media history class we were reading about the Federalists and Anti-Federalists but as I read on none of the information seemed familiar. I realized that as a child I was only taught that our American ancestors were represented as heroes and only that. Reading this textbook I learned that many of our founding leaders acted like children and weren’t all that nice and great as they made them appear in elementary school. It is just strange that as we get older the truth comes out, but I don’t understand why shelter children s much. If you’re going to teach a subject teach it with the truth. I think it pays off in the end and surely it prevents confusion later on in life.

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