Tablets as New Cashiers

by kmaradiaga1

I took a trip to a local restaurant called Fat Daddy’s only to see that the payment after the meal was done on a tablet. I have seen this bee used at multiple stores and restaurant but some of those didn’t even have an employee operating it. Now I don’t care much for technology because I feel it makes society lazy. This just further elaborates on how I feel about it. Eventually we wont even need people to perform actual tasks for jobs or for themselves. If we pay someone minimum wage to push a button, yeah that bothers me because in my mind it means they can’t even work the extra minute to work on the cash register. The places where it’s all done by yourself, may claim they are being innovative but frankly I think they are being cheap. I’m sure with the labor they don’t pay they can easily make up the cost of the tablets for the store. It’s a cop out in my mind and I generally do not approve. One example of a chain restaurant that has implemented this new technology is the very popular Chili’s restaurant. In this article, they claim they will still need people and this wont replace them but this does “attempt to minimize the interaction Chili’s customers have with humans.” While it may project sales, I think it’s going downhill in every other aspect.

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