YouTuber: Sam Pepper

by kmaradiaga1

Sam Pepper is a YouTuber who has recently come under fire for a “prank” he uploaded. In the video pepper is seen using a fake arm in the sleeve and then proceeds to touch females rears and then make it seem like someone else did it. It sounds harmless right? WRONG, I along with many people of the YouTube community felt that pepper had overstepped his boundaries. This is considered assault, no woman in his video consented to having her body touched. His video was flagged and has since been removed from YouTube. Since then Pepper has proceeded to film a part two and part three. In the second video women were seen doing the touching and I the third Pepper is sitting in front of the camera and explains that the whole prank was a social experiment. Since then the “prank” has been uploaded by another user. I call bull. Pepper was known to have previous videos that have similar aspects and he was just attempting to find an excuse for his actions. It clearly didn’t work because he has lost job contracts over it. I think pepper deserves it and many people say that if a woman had done it no one would be complaining. WE have to learn to get away from classifying it okay for one gender to do something and the other not. Sexual assault is sexual assault regardless of who you are, if you hate the blame game then just enforce your beliefs. Laci Green is also a YouTuber who frequently discusses serious issues with society in regards to sex and has shared how she feels over the situation in this video. Many YouTubers find themselves not defending Pepper because they also see what he did as wrong.

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