Violation of Privacy

by kmaradiaga1

This past week many celebrities were violated. Their nude photos were leaked onto the web and the amount of blame people are placing on them has saddened me, Many people claim that they should not have taken the photos in the first place. Now I understand why one might think this but it isn’t like they placed them on social media. They took these photos in intimate moments to share with their significant others and the fact that someone has exposed them is terrible.   Those people who have also shared these photos with other people are supporting this action. It is insane that in this day and age privacy is virtually nonexistent. It makes me very worried about what people think is excusable. There was talk that the celebrities photos were taken from their iCloud accounts but since then FBI have deemed that no iCloud or Apple accounts have been accessed so this was purely strategic and they were hacked in some other manner. This series of events have been deemed as “the fappening.”

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