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Month: October, 2014

Ray Rice Costume

With Halloween being tomorrow I have seen my fair share amount of costumes. This year in particular I have noticed a Ray Rice costume. Ray Rice was recently on the news for domestic violence against his wife. I have see costumes in which some dressed up as Rice and either have a female companion with them who have painted their face to be bruised or have an inflatable doll and just drag it around.

I will say that seeing these photos absolutely disgusted me. People now have seemed to lost consideration for others. There is no reason why domestic violence should be taken lightly, let alone made into a Halloween costume. There are even images of children dressed up with this costume. IT’s sickening, every year people prove their stupidity by doing something very offensive to others. People don’t get it.

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On Beauty

“He was bookish, she was not; he was theoretical, she political. She called a rose a rose. He called it an accumulation of cultural and biological constructions circulating around the mutually attracting binary poles of nature/artifice.”
Zadie Smith, On Beauty

Oh Zadie Smith, you wonderful woman. This quote from her book On Beauty made me think about how differently someone can perceive the same object. Not only an object but people, situations, and ideas. I love the contrast between a rose just being a rose to a complex structure that requires thought and deconstruction. People have led different experiences and I’m sure this contributes to how one perceives their surroundings. It’s just neat to think about.


Reading as a Hobby

I am so beyond thrilled, over the past year I have been so busy that I have completely forgotten about reading. I hadn’t read a new book in so, so long and it devastated me. SO I took up reading again and as soon as I did I hated that I ever stopped. It began with reading Less Than Zero by Brett Easton Ellis that got me going, I have created a list that will become my life’s library. I hope to own every single book or at least read it once. I feel like reading all of these books will be the best way to grow as an individual. Perhaps I will even reread some, I feel that over time views change and rereading a book in a different time in your life gives it different meaning.


Body Cams on Police Officers?

In the news lately there have been a larger amount of civilian vs. cop disputes that are reviewed. Many have proposed that police officers begin to wear a body cam so that footage can be used to help in these situations. Many feel that they should get them in case they are abusing their power but in the case of this officer and Deanna Griego it was positive. Here she had accused this officer of touching her inappropriately and for pulling her over for no reason, she did not realize he had on a cam and SURPRISE! Turns out she was pulled over for drunk driving and he never touched her. It’s amazing how people are just terrible and to get out of trouble they do all they can to get out of it. It seems like a pretty good idea in my opinion but I wonder how others feel. Some may see it as unnecessary.


Dog Breeders

Recently a friend of mine purchased a puppy. Now, being the person I am I found it really difficult to be happy for her when she talked about it and I expressed my concern. She bought her puppy from a breeder. I DETEST breeders. Here is a person making money by making these poor dogs constantly reproduce just because you don’t want to go find a normal job? There are countless dogs in shelters who are at the risk of dying and are in dire need of homes and here you are producing MORE dog when the population is huge! It literally just breaks my heart because she said she didn’t want an older dog or one that she didn’t think was cute. All dogs are deserving of a home where they can be loved and cared for regardless of what they look like. I just want to save every animal in the world and it pains me physically to not be able to. I can’t handle it. Granted her puppy is cute but I can’t help but think of one dog that could have been saved and spared a life of misery.


Animals are so precious.

Columbus Day

Every year we are reminded of Christopher Columbus and his “discovery” of America and every year I think it’s a mess. It’s a federal holiday but it shouldn’t be for the reasons many think. History gets depressingly awful when you get older and learn the truth. There has been a series of locations that have decided to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day as an alternative to Columbus Day. This is to share how they feel and commemorate Native Americans. Personally I think this is a great idea, why shouldn’t we commemorate those who suffered as opposed to a man who didn’t actually discover America. Also lets not forget the mass amount of people who died because of him. I say it should definitely renamed.


Enough was said.

Raven Symone and “Labels”

So there was a video of Raven Symone who was being interviewed by Oprah. In this video she disclosed that she disliked labels, particularly referring to her being called a lesbian. Now I focused more so on her second response. Symone said she also disliked the African American label, which came as a surprise but I absolutely lover her reasoning. She explained that she believes in just being an American. She is not sure of where her ancestors are from, many were born in the United States anyway so why does she have to call herself African American. This was also a question in my head, Most people feel the need to identify some part of their race with their nationality except Caucasians. I by no means am against this but it did make me ponder about it. I think it was really beautiful that she just wanted to refer to herself as American; I think it’s still an issue here in terms of ethnicity and religion. People just need to understand that American is American. It was just a nice change from what one normally hears.


Who wants to be one of these?

Slut Shaming

Boy, oh boy is this a interesting topic. Growing up as a female I like many others, have endured name-calling and being criticized for little things that I never gave attention to. As I got older my mentality on “sluts” has significantly seeing how women have easily become a target for people to name call really has upset me. Granted promiscuity isn’t anything to be proud of but also why is it so negative? By societal standards I am no means promiscuous or considered a slut but the reasons for this name-calling seems unjust in my opinion. For starters, just saying you had relations with A person, people automatically assume you have with sixty others. That is definitely not the case with most females I have spoken to. Secondly, clothing as an issue. When a woman decides to wear something it is HER choice. By no means it an invitation for you to insult her, it may not be your taste but it’s not your life to dictate. Third and the most irritating, is when a woman is known to have multiple relations with men. What is the big deal? We deal with such a double standard that I personally can’t bring myself to call someone out on what men have been okay doing for centuries. Another item that upsets me : catcalling. I do not want any of your attention no matter how much you “think” I want to hear it.

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I wouldn’t mind walking down the street without someone catcalling anyone.

Healthy Fad

I have noticed over the past two years that people have become interested in being healthy; strangely enough I don’t think it’s for the right reason. There is this thing people do called “juicing” in which a person blends their vegetables an d fruits into a beverage. This allows a person to ingest their needed amount of fruits and veggies, great right? Yeah, if you do it right and do it for the right reason. I have seen a multitude of people just recently begin doing this when it has been around for a while and it seems as if they only do it to follow the crowd. “I want to lose weight”, well sorry to burst your bubble but drinking one of those drinks every couple of days isn’t going to get you there. I wish more people took the time to look into what is causing them to be unhealthy and effectively remove those things from their lives. It’s great you want to be healthy but do it because you want to better yourself, not follow a crowd. Some recipes are actually quite tasty like this one, so if you can stick to it that’s great.


Song Obsession


So this week I have was going through some videos I had saved as favorites or liked. I came across a cover of Fleetwood Macs “dreams.” Now I have never heard the original song and I couldn’t remember this video. After I played it, I was done. This cover is by Dana Williams and Leighton Meester. These two women are outside with a microphone set between them and they just so it’s just one of those songs that make you feel calm and personally makes me wish I could play guitar. Perhaps that might be something I take up now…