Healthy Fad

by kmaradiaga1

I have noticed over the past two years that people have become interested in being healthy; strangely enough I don’t think it’s for the right reason. There is this thing people do called “juicing” in which a person blends their vegetables an d fruits into a beverage. This allows a person to ingest their needed amount of fruits and veggies, great right? Yeah, if you do it right and do it for the right reason. I have seen a multitude of people just recently begin doing this when it has been around for a while and it seems as if they only do it to follow the crowd. “I want to lose weight”, well sorry to burst your bubble but drinking one of those drinks every couple of days isn’t going to get you there. I wish more people took the time to look into what is causing them to be unhealthy and effectively remove those things from their lives. It’s great you want to be healthy but do it because you want to better yourself, not follow a crowd. Some recipes are actually quite tasty like this one, so if you can stick to it that’s great.