Raven Symone and “Labels”

by kmaradiaga1

So there was a video of Raven Symone who was being interviewed by Oprah. In this video she disclosed that she disliked labels, particularly referring to her being called a lesbian. Now I focused more so on her second response. Symone said she also disliked the African American label, which came as a surprise but I absolutely lover her reasoning. She explained that she believes in just being an American. She is not sure of where her ancestors are from, many were born in the United States anyway so why does she have to call herself African American. This was also a question in my head, Most people feel the need to identify some part of their race with their nationality except Caucasians. I by no means am against this but it did make me ponder about it. I think it was really beautiful that she just wanted to refer to herself as American; I think it’s still an issue here in terms of ethnicity and religion. People just need to understand that American is American. It was just a nice change from what one normally hears.


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