Dog Breeders

by kmaradiaga1

Recently a friend of mine purchased a puppy. Now, being the person I am I found it really difficult to be happy for her when she talked about it and I expressed my concern. She bought her puppy from a breeder. I DETEST breeders. Here is a person making money by making these poor dogs constantly reproduce just because you don’t want to go find a normal job? There are countless dogs in shelters who are at the risk of dying and are in dire need of homes and here you are producing MORE dog when the population is huge! It literally just breaks my heart because she said she didn’t want an older dog or one that she didn’t think was cute. All dogs are deserving of a home where they can be loved and cared for regardless of what they look like. I just want to save every animal in the world and it pains me physically to not be able to. I can’t handle it. Granted her puppy is cute but I can’t help but think of one dog that could have been saved and spared a life of misery.


Animals are so precious.