Wikipedia Obession

by kmaradiaga1

As terrible as it is, I have a Wikipedia obsession. I understand that its not a credible site for information considering anyone can go in and edit it but I feel that’s more in regards to political and cultural occurrences today. I love going back through history and clicking hyperlink after hyperlink to where it leads me to a completely different destination. It allows me to not only read on the topics but also explore every aspect of it. Who cares if it’s credible? I at least learned of a new topic, if it actually interests me enough I can make the initiative to thoroughly explore it and not rely on it. It is just a good way to pass time, I like going to it for references in books and just seeing what new trivia I can remember. I just adore it; one particular favorite is a page about King Henry VIII. It’s just an interesting hobby I suppose. I wish more people took opportunity of it. I see a generation where websites are created possibly every thirty seconds and we have all this information at our fingertips and we use the internet for nonsense like playing online games and updating our status about how we just got a coke from a vending machine. I try and introduce this little hobby of mine to others but no one really cares. It’s sad really.