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Month: December, 2014

American Horror Story : Coven

I know, I know. I’m just a smidge behind on following this particular season of American Horror Story. They finally added the third season onto Netflix, which allowed me to marathon through it for two days. Coven focuses on witches and finding the ultimate supreme witch. The story plot for this season was amazing I thought, they incorporated things that also made me shudder. Race and torture were big themes for Coven. The characters were the type to love and hate for certain aspects of their personality but you always found yourself rooting for someone to be the supreme. The finale was a bit lacking but interesting nonetheless. I do recommend this show, I think they offer something for everyone and they do a great job at surprising people over all. They are currently airing the fourth season which is freak show based. I began it but like the others I will most likely watch it later.

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Fuzzy Socks

I have not been this excited in a while. After black Friday I managed to get a deal on four socks. Not just any socks, fuzzy socks! They were such precious prints that I had to get them! They all had a pink/ blush color to them, which is weird because I’m not the biggest fan of pink but I just needed them in my life. When they finally arrived I couldn’t decide on which pair I wanted to wear first so I put two different ones and the next night I did the same thing. I currently have on my polka dotted pair as I type! I wish men understood the perfection that are fuzzy socks. They warm your toes to perfection and are super soft. They were only four dollars at American Eagle and I had to get them, the ones at Bath and Body Works were double that. I can’t deal with that!

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Humans of New York

I just wanted to share about this wonderful website. A man named Brandon has a site dedicated to photographs of strangers in New York City; sometimes he travels to other places. He approaches them and generally asks them a question, and its remarkable the responses he gets. Some are as simple as “Go away,” some are normal like this response and some are complex like this one. You are exposed to people one can see everyday and we never think about how that persons life has turned out, and what got them to the place they are today. Experiences are not written on people’s faces and just asking a basic question can open a world of discussion. People are their stories and they are fascinating.