About Me

I am Karen from Brooklyn, New York . I am currently residing in the complete opposite of that.

My favorite movies are Amelie and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

I get inspired with phrases and books; they enlighten me in a way.

I love books such as Pride and Prejudice, Brave New World, and anything by John Green, Ellen Hopkins, Chuck Palahniuk  and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Favorite Music consists of Mumford & Sons, Avett Brothers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Glen Miller, Billie Holiday, The Temper Trap and The Strokes. Well, generally anything honestly

I simply enjoy taking hundreds of mental notes about humanity.

I enjoy the feeling of taking my hair down at the end of the day and the first bite of a sandwich that I personally constructed with patience.

I do not like the sound of pencil on paper.

Slight obsession with Star Wars.

I day dream about lives I will never live, and I do not mind hanging out in my own head, although sometimes I dig too deep and lose myself.

Simply put I’m just a girl, in love with the world: all of the chaos, the moments of peace and the confusion we all feel.