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24 Hours With No Technology

Starting off with this I wasn’t too worried considering I’m not a generally big advocate of technology but I did know it would be a challenge to give up my cellphone. This past Sunday I woke up relatively late, somewhere around 11:47. That surprised me considering I usually use my phone as a alarm and I had shut it off the night before; also when I shut everything off I play on my phone till 3 in the morning which could explain why I woke up so late. As the day progressed, I realized that it wasn’t my phone I wanted to use but I kept checking my pockets or reaching for it when it wasn’t around me. I would constantly hear my ringtone or a vibration when my phone wasn’t near me. I also noticed that when I had to interact with new people I often look to my phone to keep me occupied and that causes me to talk even less than I all ready do, it has kinda become like a nervous twitch to me and I really didn’t like that. Even at lunch my mother asked me why I hadn’t been locked in my room all day. I even got to play more with my dog, which I am an animal lover so the idea that I’m wasting their life and mine laying on a bed ignoring each other really bummed me out.

So to occupy myself I read a book, I enjoy doing that and finally “had a chance” to actually get back into reading and it felt amazing. The biggest thing of all was not using my laptop. I had a hard time doing things around the house without Netflix playing in the background or online shopping. Which now I think if I had limited my time with my laptop I would save some money in the long run. I had to work that day from 5- 11 so I honestly feel like I didn’t get the full experience so maybe that’s why it wasn’t as terrible as it could have been. I definitely wouldn’t mind trying again. I actually left my phone home today while I was in class. I like that even though it was only a couple hours I had picked up on so much stuff I was missing out on. It came to my attention that I don’t spend any time with my parents and make excuses to avoid people and I know I will regret that in the future. So for now I decided to take little steps into limiting my usage. Facebook and instagram won’t help me progress in the real world and while I’m on YouTube watching people live their lives I’m letting my own pass me by and I rather not sit in my room when I can be productive. I can read, study, clean, and enjoy others company. I think overall this assignment sort of depressed me in a good way. I know not everyone enjoyed it and some almost had anxiety attacks but it was refreshing not being so openly available to anyone. I mean technology has it’s boundaries and it really sucks that we allow it to take so much control of our lives.




felixine:politics-war:Afghan refugee boy Samiullah Afsar, 5, carries a puppy he found in a pile of a garbage, on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan.Photo: Muhammed Muheisen I can’t

Photo: Muhammed Muheisen

This photo mostly emits some strong emotion. Mostly because I am aware of the unfortunate situations in Pakistan and there’s this small boy who finds a puppy. This to me represents all the innocence that is seen by children’s eye’s. They find the most beautiful and happy things in a pile of trash or the worst of times and it’s so inspiring.

Scientists take samples to study radioactive discharges in the Susquehanna River in Maryland, March 1985.Photograph by William T. Douthitt, National Geographic

This picture is so perfect, it has the various hues of blues and the boat and people are just the focus of it all. The sky, fog, and ocean all blend together so well but the reflection is so clear. The blur allows the sharp details to really  stand out.

I read the background story on this and mostly made me realize that it is possible to capture change in a photograph. Two people who were friends in the past now share such differing views. Time makes people different and their experiences. This was a demonstration and just seeing the pain in this mans eyes can show his shock and willingness to spread his ideas. I love that is’s an old photo, the black and white adds to it.

photographed by Anatoly Rakhimbaev

This was just so sad to see, drug addiction is depicted so well in this photo. The withdrawal is so apparent in their body and eyes its sort of sickening. The father appears very nonchalant as he’s about to shoot up his son. This photo seriously shows the life they live. We observe the plain background and we can make so many assumptions about these people.

I believe this photo hurts most of all. Here is a child, who will be scarred for life from actions taken in Iraq. She had to witness death and blood shed at such a young age and this photo just makes me want to hold her and tell her that it’s going to be okay. This represent so many emotions from hers to my own.

Does The President Influence Gas Prices?

I’m pretty positive the president has little to no influence on the nations gasoline prices, the gasoline industry is exactly that an industry. They make the money by supply and demand and its also becoming a scarce fossil fuel and these factors can lead to inflation of gasoline. We are now the largest importer of gasoline/oil when it used to be the opposite. So there’s a cost to bringing it in and then making it available for the public. The president can however make regulations that apply to the oil industry. Overall the fluctuation of gas prices depends on numerous factor that the American public isn’t aware of. According to most economists the higher the demand and the better the economy does the price naturally goes up, especially during winter because those is even more demand to heat homes and travel. The holidays also assist the economy with all the spending that happens.

Stranger Danger

Cheyenne decided that it would be fun one evening to go to a gay club in Little Rock called Trinity. She went with a group of friends not expecting much, when she got there she had certain expectations. While she was dancing she said that some guy had come up behind her and joined in the dancing, it took her by surprise but she went along with it. She described him as average height, had a beard “and has that shaggy Justin Bieber hair thing going on but unlike him had a deep voice” She found him interesting and they danced for about an hour after that, no formal introduction was made until later when they were at the bar. That’s when the truth was revealed, they spoke about what a good time they were having and then she realized she didn’t know his name. The guy appeared to resist introducing himself at first but then told her that his name was Katelyn but that he goes by Lyn. That’s when she realized that this “he” was actually a transgender “she.” Overall she said that Katelyn was actually a very cool and interesting person and they ended up sticking as dance partners for the remainder of the night. Her friends later on asked if she got his number and she replied that she just told them no which was the truth, but neglected to mention that the guy was a girl. She said she hasn’t told anyone but if anything she “learned a lot, realized that not everything is as it seems and that the guy you talked to is perhaps not a guy at all.”

photo (1)

Multimedia Stories


  • Tech Wonder boys game
    • Medium: Video
    • Record highlights of the game
    • Football is a sport that many care to see, and is important to community
    • When it comes to sports people want to see action and video provides that option
    • High school powder puff event for girls
      • Medium: Photo
      • Photo can consist of all three groups of girls. (Sophomore, Junior, and Senior)
      • Also there can be one of the winner of the overall event
      • Happens once a year and mainly appeals to high school students
      • Intramural sports
        • Medium: Info graphic
        • A chart can be created to show what teams will go against each other
        • Graphs on how intramurals make students more involved with others
        • Intramural sports are just for fun so most results aren’t based off who’s the winner
        • Razorback progressions with new coach
          • Medium: Audio
          • We can conduct interviews with the coach and his new position
          • Ask students and faculty their opinion over whether the team will be successful
          • Players statistics can be told over radio
          • Opinion leaders can share their thoughts via audio with the public
          • Russellville vs. Conway rivalry
            • Medium: Print
            • Newspapers can cover the history of the rivalry
            • Interviews can be included in magazines.
            • School newspaper fuels rivalry and fire up school spirit.



  • Russellville High School approves new gym
    • Medium: Video
    • Video shots of the before and after
    • Interviews on tape of Russellville principal and those involved
    • Action shots of gym being used
    • Video of construction
    • Are supplements needed/helpful for those who workout
      • Medium: Audio
      • Students can tell their opinion on whether they support the use of supplements
      • Ask students who have taken them their reactions and if they condone the usage
      • Head to Dover and talk to the supplements store in town
      • Ask GMC if their sales have gone up since school has began
      • When it comes to a debate people like hearing both sides, they hear the tone of someone’s voice and are more likely to listen.
      • Reviews of various gyms of Russellville
        • Medium: Print
        • Write reviews for the Courier or other news source about the various types of gyms
        • There can be specialized stories to appeal to men/women
        • Since there are many gyms this could provide as a filler for the newspaper/magazine
        • Tech fit
          • Medium: Photo
          • Pictures of the gym can be included in books
          • Appeals to people and shows them what they are getting for coming to ATU
          • Equipment and staff can convince someone to join
          • Photos are proof that the gym is heavily used and people like using it.
          • Does Cross Fit work?
            • Medium: Info graphic
            • Statistics can be used to compare before and after weights
            • Health benefits could be listed in a fun way
            • Facts about being involved in Cross fit as being a big help appeals to many especially graphics as they can catch some ones eye.



  • Farmers Market in Russellville
    • Medium: Info graphic
    • Info graphics to explain why organic is better than GMO’s
    • They can be colorful and expressive
    • Amount of chemicals used on regular produce can be explained
    • There can be a cycle info graphic on how we get our produce and how its made
    • Is Russellville Growing at too fast of a rate
      • Medium: Print
      • Story covering many of the new businesses sprouting up in town
      • Lack of growth in other towns
      • We can ask officials future plans for the town of Russellville
      • Ask other towns officials what their opinions are
      • This is more of a topic covered by newspapers
      • Applicable to the entire community
      • Are we destroying a significant portion of Wildlife?
        • Medium: Video
        • Video of construction
        • Capture shots of deforestation for homes and businesses.
        • Provide information of what animals in the state are being protected by law
        • Too many animals are abandoned or at the shelter
        • Video makes people feel emotions because they are seeing the damage being done.
        • What to do at Mt. Petit Jean
          • Medium: Audio
          • A commercial on the radio for those coming into town
          • Town members can give suggestions
          • People tend to remember things they heard
          • If someone mentions hiking or camping it’s something to do
          • Scenery in Arkansas
            • Medium: Photo
            • Just take scenery pictures to place in local ads or news papers
            • The scenery can be appealing to those willing to travel
            • Eye catching.